AGE Security Services Inc.

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On-site Guarding

We thoroughly cover every inch of the area you want us to take care of. Our tactical bearing guards are trained to provide on-site security with minimum resources.

Mobile Guarding

If you want us to keep an eye on your loved ones wherever they go, we are more than happy to assist you!

Remote Guarding

We can keep our distance and still get you covered entirely. If you want to keep it low, we will do as directed but not compromise the safety measures.

Event Security Guard Services

If you are planning and event such as Banquets-Awards Ceremonies, Photo Shoots, Graduations Party, Fairs or Carnivals, Trade Shows, Weddings or just a get together with friends whether its small or large you need Security to ensure that order is maintained and that your guests are safe. AGE Security Services Inc., a California Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise can provide you with a trained and qualified security force to provide oversight of your event.
Our Security Officers are well trained and professional and will make sure your event remains safe so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Armed & Unarmed Security Guard Services

AGE Security Services Inc., provides Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services for Commercial, Residential, Banks, Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Retail Locations, Parking lots, Construction Sites and Special Events. We provide a wide variety of security services and training to meet your company’s specific needs.
We offer 24/7 Armed and Unarmed security guard services with competitive rates. We provide discounts on long-term contracts. If your Office Building, Shopping Center, Store, Hotel/Motel, Apartment Complex, Parking Lot, Warehouse, Cannabis Retail Store, Cannabis Grow Facility needs security, call on us to provide critical security services for your assets. We also provide Security Services to Private Residence (when you are away on vacation), Security for Public Schools as well as Construction Sites, keeping our client’s interests as our first priority.
For those companies that have internal/employee security team, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured company that can train your security team.

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Private Security Training

Are you looking for proper tactical, safety emergency, and protocol training for yourself? The wait is over now. Join us for hands-on training and get a dignified job soon after you accomplish it successfully.